Vijay Technnocrats is dedicated to driving continuous improvement internally as well as with customers and vendors. Through the use of modern management tools, we focus on the elimination of all types of wastes in our manufacturing and administrative processes to lower the production costs.

Our Methodology

An integrated approach is used to maximize stakeholder value through efficient business processes, linked together to build a flexible, leaner, faster, more customer centric enterprise. Serving like a blueprint, our methodology guides the development of an environment that focuses on improving our competitiveness in the market. The long term success depends on our competitiveness worldwide.

We optimize the value stream by:

  • Customer Driven Process Design
  • Continuously Reducing Waste
  • Associate Ownership

Customers measure our competitiveness through following interdependent variables:

  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Dependability and
  • Value
  • On-time Delivery

This requires us to change the way we think. When we think quality, we must go beyond thinking of it in terms of inspecting or as a cost in terms of the scrap or rework, which must be held to an acceptable level. We need to look at 'scrap and rework' as disruptions to the flow of materials to our customer, and these disruptions must be eliminated.


  • 5S Workshop
  • Kaizan
  • 7QC Tools
  • QC Circle
  • Poka Yoke
  • Six Sigma